A Little Bit About Me…

I’m Lauren Harms. I’m currently a sophomore in College in Orlando, Florida. This semester I’m taking a writing for social media course (hence the blog) to help me learn more about writing with social media resources (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, etc.). I’m aspiring to be a journalist/writer for a news agency.

I hope this blog post will help me figure out what I want to report on for my future career. I’ve been interested in politics for a while and have a general understanding of politics and seems like a field that could be interesting to explore. Politics is definitely a field of writing that has many strong opinions and is always adding more, so I hope my opinion can help others form or develop their own. I am a Millennial, and many times, the Millennial generation is picked on for their ideas of politics and grassroots movements they follow. I hope this blog can help broaden other generations views of our ideas and how like them, we do have the same goals of making our society better.

Other fun facts to know about me, I have three other siblings who are in college and high school. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas but moved to Orlando, Florida my freshman year of high school (quite the culture shock, to say the least). I have two dogs, Bailey (boxer/bull mastiff mix), and Brody (lab mix) who I may or may not love more than people. I, like every other stereotypical college student, love and live off of coffee and can be found in a coffee shop pretty much any time I’m not in class (probably working on this blog, who knows). I like to travel when I’m not poor and not working. My family likes to travel to different beaches over the weekends so I’ve been all over Florida. I’ve also traveled to Colorado, South Carolina, Washington D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, and Haiti. I’m hoping to save up for other international trips, my ultimate travel goal is to see the Northern Lights so I hope that comes true.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I strive to be as factual as possible and appreciate feedback on what you think. Thanks!